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Statements from the Developers

  • When you use our services — for example, do a search on Google, get directions on Google Maps, or watch a video on YouTube — we collect data to make these services work for you. This can include:
    • Things you search for
    • Websites you visit
    • Videos you watch
    • Ads you click on or tap
    • Your location
    • Device information
    • IP address and cookie data

Information Sources


  • “Concern has long been growing about the invasiveness of the infamous Google search provider since the firm aggregates and stores our searches against our IP address, device and, ultimately, our name. Privacy advocates have been trying to raise awareness of this privacy threat ever since 2006 when AOL released a shocking sample of its user search data which revealed all kinds of embarrassing and intimate details about people's lives. What was worse was that, even with personally identifying information removed from that data (you'd be surprised how many people search under their own name, for example), it was still astonishingly easy to identify individuals by looking at the topics and details of their searches.” (Source)
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